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The capital of Russia is a bustling metropolis, the largest city in the country, which has a lot of interesting attractions and entertainments. Every street and house tells the amazing story of this place, with all its secrets and legends. Moscow is a city of contrasts. People of different statuses and nationalities live here. There are old and new, large and small, modest and luxurious that coexist side by side. Moscow is an amazing city, it never falls asleep and does not plunge into darkness even after nightfall. Over the past decades, Moscow has become noticeably prettier — and perhaps the biggest changes have affected the gastronomy and restaurant business. 

Restaurants, cafes and bars in Moscow are a kaleidoscope of different cuisines from all over the world, where modernity combines with history and creates amazing gastronomic masterpieces. Restodar invites you to get acquainted with the restaurant life of real Moscow, to feel its energy and taste. Start your journey through the most iconic restaurants, cafes and bars in the capital of the largest country in the world.

Grand Cafe “Provence”

Presentation ADDRESS : 1st Obydensky per. 9/12, metro Кропоткинская MOSCOW   BUSINESS HOURS : Monday -...


Presentation ADDRESS : Rochdelskaya St, 15 строение 41, MOSCOW   BUSINESS HOURS : Monday -...

Gastro «Bijou»

Presentation ADDRESS : ul. Novoslobodskaya 16а, metro Менделеевская MOSCOW   BUSINESS HOURS: Monday - Thursday, Sunday from...

Meat bar № 7

Presentation ADDRESS : st. Sadovaya-Chernogryazskaya 22с1, metro Красные Ворота MOSCOW   BUSINESS HOURS: Monday - Thursday, Sunday from...


Presentation ADDRESS : пер. 1-й Nikoloshchepovsky 6 стр.2, Metro Смоленская MOSCOW   BUSINESS HOURS : Monday...

Россичъ – Rossich

Presentation ADDRESS : st. Nizhinskaya 9, building 1, metro Славянский бульвар MOSCOW   BUSINESS HOURS...



Presentation ADDRESS : st. Myasnitskaya 43, стр. 2, metro Красные Ворота MOSCOW   BUSINESS HOURS...

Cafe “Velvet”

Presentation ADDRESS : ул. Festivalnaya 8А, metro Речной вокзал MOSCOW   BUSINESS HOURS : Monday -...

Tebura: Sika

Presentation ADDRESS : Strastnoy Boulevard, 7, bld. 3, metro Pushkinskaya, Chekhovskaya MOSCOW   BUSINESS HOURS...