st. Myasnitskaya 43, стр. 2,

metro Красные Ворота


Monday – Friday

from 08.00 to 00.00,

Saturday & Sunday

from 12.00 to 00.00



+7 (925) 149-01-77


1500 rub. per person (excluding drinks)

If you have long dreamed to visit lake Baikal, get acquainted with Buryat culture, try national cuisine, the restaurant ” Orda “is the ideal place for this, ” little Buryatia” in the heart of Moscow.

In the XIII century, the territory of Buryatia was part of the Mongol Empire, so the local cuisine turned out to be mixed-Buryat-Mongol.

Traditional cuisine of nomads of the Buryat steppes is primarily ecological, natural and a wide variety of dishes from farm meat of Buryatia and Kalmykia.

The first thing we offer to try is a branded green tea with milk, or if according to the Mongolian recipe — with the addition of oil and salt.

Business card of the restaurant “Orda” — brand bouzy minced meat, steamed. They look very similar to dumplings, khinkali, and manti, but the Buryats have a special national recipe. One of the secrets is the lack of additional spices, seasonings or vegetables to feel the full taste of meat. And they only cook for 15-20 minutes.

The establishment has a large selection of author’s lemonades. One of the most popular is “taiga” lemonade made from pine cones from the shores of lake Baikal.

Despite the modern interior, immediately from the doorstep you will be immersed in Buryat culture: comfortable sofas and tables in a semicircle like in a Yurt, a column covered with felt, in the center of the hall, gray-emerald shades, slightly muted light.

In addition to the two main halls, the restaurant has an office “Baikal” for 8-10 people. This name is not accidental: in the center of the office — a table made of solid oak with an insert of oxide resin, reminiscent of the water surface of lake Baikal. The doors are finished with an emerald-green gemstone-jade.

The restaurant is very warm in winter and cool in summer. And the atmosphere is complemented by background music – national motifs, popular Buryat music.

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