Strastnoy Boulevard, 7, bld. 3,

metro Pushkinskaya, Chekhovskaya




from 16.00 to 00.00

Friday & Saturday

from 16.00 to 03.00



+ 7 (969) 125-40-00




1000 rub. per person (excluding drinks)

Have you long dreamed of visiting Japan and trying real Japanese cuisine? Do not wait for the opening of the borders, go to the Japanese bar “Tebura: Sika” on Strastny Boulevard in Moscow.

It offers snacks prepared according to original recipes from different regions of Japan, but at the same time understandable to a Westerner.

The concept of the institution is a classic Japanese diner, where you can eat standing. Guests drink at the counters or metal barrels placed around the hall and used instead of tables.

In the bar you can try authentic Japanese dishes: green chili pepper with spicy pork “Tagarashi Tempura”, jellyfish salad “Chuka Kurage” or fried bread buns with curry filling “Curry Pan” under the best sake in the city, as well as Japanese rum and gin.

We recommend ordering “Okonomiyaki” – a traditional dish of thick dough stuffed with cabbage, sprinkled with tuna shavings, or “Gedza” – fried dumplings with pork and vegetables. It’s incessurable!

The main feature of the institution is cocktails in cans, which bartenders mix and roll themselves. There are four of them in the menu:

No 1 – sake, rum, smoked pineapple, tonic;

No. 2 — sake, aloe juice, lemon, soda;

No. 3 — ume, grapefruit, vanilla, ginger, tonic;

No. 4 — ume, mango, pineapple, lychee.

In the courtyard of the bar in the Tokyo style, you can also listen to music or dance to the anthem of the bar – “Song of crocodile Gena” in Japanese. In the evenings, DJs who have been collecting Japanese disco, funk, techno and jazz for years stand at the remote.

Authenticity of the atmosphere is added by interior details brought from Japan, as well as neon signs and graffiti in Japanese.

The motto of the bar: “Drink standing, eat delicious, have fun with friends!”


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